Friday, July 6, 2012

Pam Gotcher's "Desert Mesa" 1st Pine Needle Basket plus where it finally ended up!

My friend Pam Gotcher, who I met on through mutual friends, lives clear across the country in Washington State. She saw some of my posts on Facebook with examples of some of the baskets I was working in in early 2012 and became enamored by them. She asked me how to do it. I told her what I tell everyone, get Nadine Spiers videos. They are amazing! She bought nadine's video and watched the first part and started her basket. Apparently the video was corrupted just before she got to the second row and she couldn't watch it all.  She messaged me on Facebook and asked me questions about going onto the second row and I told her how to do it via instant message on Facebook!! I feel like I played a small but vital part in her development as a Pine Needle Basket maker. I recently I contacted Pam and asked her about her basket and if she had started a new one. She has a funny story about her basket.
Desert Mesa 

PAM GOTCHER'S REPLY: Like you, my basket making time has gotten a bit short this summer - between the garden, the log splitting, the bees, etc. The new one is taking some time. 

The first one has gone to it's new home and is in Australia. Funny story behind that. I was going to Phoenix for a Genome Healing conference, and had been offered a place to stay by a very old friend of mine. Her son runs a hotel down there. I was going to take the basket to her as a gift. About a week before leaving, the hotel thing had not been firmed up, and she wrote and said her son wanted a minimal amount a day for me to stay and I wrote back and said fine, and thanked her again. And then (still no hotel confirmation) - she dropped off the map - didn't return emails, I didn't have a phone number, son was on vacation, hotel didn't have a reservation for me. Figured I would rent a car and drive to the hotel and pay for a night and wait until the son came back from vacation the following day to see what was up. I had a mapquest direction, but I had asked (inadvertently) for directions to the venue for the conference, which was in a rented private home. Got there, found the conference organizer and the teachers. The head teacher asked if I wanted to stay there, so I got to stay with them. And she got the basket - and her whole house is in those colors. So, ultimately the woman who took care of my living arrangements in Phoenix got the basket  - it went to the person it was meant to, even though it didn't go to the woman I thought it would. That woman was Carol Roberts the instructor for the Genome Healing Conference I was attending. The power of intention is so strong and I feel like the basket went to exactly the person it should have gone to. In fact my life has really been revolving around consciousness and the effects of it in my life. That is why I was at the Genome Healing Conference. Their work is focused on the work of the Russians and healing.
Beginning of Desert Mesa

Pam Gotcher's Walmart Tackle Box for Beads

Carol Robert's instructor of Genome Healing. She lives in Australia and that is where Pam's Pine Needle basket ended up!! 

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