Monday, February 17, 2014

Melissa Abbott's Making of the Amethyst Pine Needle Basket : "Soul Retrieval"

Soul Retrieval - Finished March 2014 
You are
the melody
that weaves
its way
my soul…

My Basket Making Tray

Washed Florida Long Leaf Pine Needles
drying in the sun after being washed.

I started this basket in January 2014 in Merritt Island FL. I had owned this Amethyst Cabashon for several years and it called to me to make it into a basket. I was imagining a larger basket so I started using a larger than usual bundle .

Added Mariposa Beads

Green Row of Waxed Linen Thread

Adding a row of Amethyst beads

Starting Solid Purple Row

Stating to come up the sides to create the bowl effect

Last Row!!!

Side View

Soul Retrieval was finished in February 2014 on Merritt Island, FL. and SOLD in late March 2014 on Etsy at 

Beautiful Large Pine Needle Basket made on Merritt Island, Florida in Jan-Feb 2014 by Melissa Smith Abbott. The Pine Needles were carefully hand sourced on Merritt Island after a Wind Storm, each needle carefully selected. The center cabochon is Amethyst and the weaving is done with Bees Waxed Irish alternating Green and Plum colored Linen Thread, Amethyst Gemstone Beads, Mariposa Glass Beads, and Apple Green Chrysoprase Beads. The Basket is a reintegration and healing meditation, bringing parts of a soul into focus and wholeness. The Basket while spiritual in nature would also be a beautiful addition to any decor as a table top piece but could also be displayed on the wall or table as Fiber Art! 


  1. What a Beautiful Labor of Love, thank you for the post~

  2. excelente trabajo los felicito orlando perez desde venezuela.