Saturday, December 21, 2013

Photos of the Making of a 8" Cherry Nantucket Purse 2013 with Carved Bone Whale by Melissa Abbott

Finished Cherry Wood Basket with Bone Findings and Whale Carving
by Melissa Abbott 2013 - Gloucester, MA
Putting the Staves on the Basket
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I use elastic bands and a Spray bottle of warm water to mold Rattan Staves to
Nantucket Basket Mold

Starting the Weaving

Staves on the Mold next to a finished
Maple Nantucket Basket

Close Up of Weaving

Getting the Weaving as tight as possible

Taking Shape

Molding the Cherry Wood Rims 

View of Back Hinges

Side View
I lined the basket with some oriental quilting fabric using velcro so it is removable
I finished this in September 2013 after working on it during the Summer.
I gave it to my stepdaughter Emily for a Christmas Present this year.
This is a photo of Emily Opening the Nantucket Basket surrounded by her children at
Christmas 2013.

Peeking inside!!
This purse, made from Cherry and Rattan will last for years to come and can serve as a wonderful summer basket purse!

Happy Basket Making, 
Melissa Abbott
Gloucester, MA

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